Cloth Face Masks with Nose Wire and Filter Pocket, Separate Ear Saver Band

For Nonclinical Settings

Production supervisors on the job.

In 2020, face masks are the new fashion accessory!

These masks are pleated and have two layers of cotton quilting fabric, a filter pocket, elastic straps, and a pipe cleaner nose wire to conform the shape of the mask to your face. 


The separate ear saver band is constructed in a matching or coordinating fabric.  You can hook the elastic straps over the buttons on a covered elastic band that fits around the back of your head to reduce irritation on the back of your ears. 

The included filter is a layer of thin silk attached to a layer of non-woven fabric.  This is in keeping with newer research from the American Chemical Society that found that combining cotton with natural silk in a mask improved the effectiveness.  The filter is washable and may be left in the mask while washing the mask itself.

Rough Dimensions:

            Large Unextended         height 3.5" (narrow edges) to 5" (center), 8.5" wide  

            Large Extended              height 3.5" (narrow edges) to 7.25" (center), 8.5" wide

            Medium Unextended    height 2.5" (narrow edges) to 4" (center), 8.5" wide

            Medium Extended         height 2.5" (narrow edges) to 6.25" (center), 8.5" wide

The mask and band have been washed before packaging in the reusable plastic pouch (in case you're allergic to the supervisors in the picture above).  They are safe to use immediately.

The mask price covers the cost of the raw materials to construct it and the cost of shipping via USPS mail, but not labor.  I do not feel comfortable making a profit from the difficult circumstances in which we find ourselves.

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