I offer two PowerPoint presentations designed for weavers and weaving guilds.  Both are 45-60 minutes long, with expansion possible through discussion topics.

Beneath the Kilt:  The History, Design, and Weaving of Tartan


The first part of this presentation covers the myth and the reality of clan tartans and kilts.  Have they been associated with clans for hundreds of years?  Are you allowed to wear a tartan if you don’t belong to the clan?  Do the colors used have a meaning?  From there, I will explain how I came to design a tartan for the lead actress in the Outlander TV series on Starz and found myself with 15 months of scarf orders, trying to learn how to weave tartan efficiently.  I will share a simple method for designing tartans and techniques for weaving them. 

Organizing for the Fiber Addict


Messy spaces are the sign of a creative mind, right? If your weaving space is more depressing than inspiring, maybe a little organizing would help. Learn about basic organizing principles and ideas for studio organizing from the perspective of a former professional organizer. Come to class with a list of your problem areas and take home some ideas for making your space work for you.

I am a former computer programmer, former professional organizer, and former Dean of the Weavers’ Guild of Boston.  I started weaving in 1998 as an escape from my office cubicle and eventually left the cubicle for a fiber studio.  An interest in the books of Diana Gabaldon led me on a convoluted road to designing a tartan and spending four years weaving scarves and shawls in it for fans of the TV series Outlander.  Currently I am a graying, overweight empty-nester with two cats, trying to use up my fabric and yarn stashes in anticipation of downsizing when my husband retires.

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