I love to read, particularly paranormal romance and urban fantasy.  Here I'd like to share some of my favorites, with totally subjective rankings.

A List


High literary quality.  Complex plotting, vivid imagery, and three-dimensional characterizations.  Sophisticated vocabulary and no grammatical errors. 

Elizabeth Hunter

A tremendously versatile talent.  Her six series are set in completely different worlds and have noticeably different voices.  In order of my preference: 

Elemental World - start with A Hidden Fire. Extensive set of interconnected vampire stories and characters, at 22 titles so far.  I count 12 novels and 10 novellas or short stories, but I could be wrong.  One of my all-time favorite series.  

Cambio Springs - start with Shifting Dreams.  Shifter mystery/romance.  Three novels, two novellas.  A fourth novel is being serialized on her blog.

Glimmer Lake - start with Suddenly Psychic.  Part of PWF - Paranormal Women's Fiction - a consortium of authors writing stories with mature, experienced women protagonists.  The third book comes out in August 2020.

Seventh and Main - start with Ink.  Contemporary romance, three books.

Linx and Bogie - start with A Ghost in the Glamour.  Ghost mysteries, two books.

Irin Chronicles - start with The Scribe.  Fallen angels mystery/romance.  Seven novels, one short story.  Many people love these, but I find them difficult.  

Elizabeth O'Roark

Kindle suggested that I read Across Time, based on my previous time travel book purchases.  I was in the mood for a new book instead of a re-read, so I went for it.  Kudos to Amazon - this one was amazing, and not at all what I expected.  Turns out it was book three of a series, so start with Parallel.  Elizabeth O'Roark writes interesting, layered characters in gradually-developing relationships and intricate plots.  I read all four books in three days, neglecting almost everything else in my life.  I had to force myself to read a chapter, do a chore, then read another chapter, or I would not have moved from the sofa.

B List


Well-crafted and enjoyable light reading.  Entertaining but not deep. Good vocabulary and few to no grammatical errors.

Louise Allen

Until recently, I stuck to reading paranormal and fantasy fiction, which led me to a Regency time travel mystery/romance title, An Earl Out of Time.  I enjoyed it and ventured into her pure Regency romance works, starting with Loving the Lost Duke.  That one was even better than An Earl Out of Time.  Most of her work is standalone, though An Earl Out of Time is the first of four (so far) and there are two sequels to Loving the Lost Duke that touch on the same group of characters.

K.F. Breene

Another author with several different universes.  I have not read all of them, but I enjoyed the Darkness Series (start with Into the Darkness) and am currently re-reading the Demigods of San Francisco, which I think is her best series.  It starts with Sin and Chocolate and has just finished up with the sixth book, Sin and Surrender.  The world building is good, with a consistent framework that is gradually revealed and believable characters.  I really enjoy books where the primary story arc is stretched over the entire series while still having smaller arcs contained in each book.  

Anne Cleeland

I typically re-read books every year or two, and sometimes more frequently. Sometimes the re-read is to reacquaint myself with a universe when a new book in a series is released, other times it's just to revisit old friends.  

Mysteries are often less fun to re-read, since knowing "who done it" can spoil the enjoyment.  That pitfall doesn't bother me with the Acton & Doyle mysteries, though.  The fun is in the unusual relationship between them and the mismatch in their backgrounds.  Doyle is working class Irish and Acton is a baronet, and her reactions to her new lifestyle are at times humorous.  There is also an element of fantasy in these books - Doyle is psychic and talks to ghosts.  They're not for everyone, but I would recommend giving Murder in Thrall a try and see if you want to keep visiting them, as I do.

C List


Ugh.  The poor writing, severe grammatical errors, or poor story crafting keep pulling me out of enjoying the book.  

Denise Daye

Trapped in Time.  Another Regency time-travel story.  Don't.  Just don't.

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